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The one with the red hair

That's me! Creative mind and managing director of einfall GmbH in Cologne. And as a native of Cologne I can confirm every stereotype about the Rhenish cheerful nature. As an FC fan from what seems like the very start, I know that passion can be a deciding factor in life. For me, every staging of an event is much more than just the next event. I have been staging the messages of a whole range of brands in a new, surprising and fascinating way with my company for more than 20 years. I am sometimes a listener and sometimes a lateral thinker, but always curious and attentive to detail.

Do it. Karin.

Do it. 





Sure. The first idea is of course always the best, but sometimes the second one is the very best. Karin Ohrem and her team develop ideas not as an end in themselves but for a whole variety of different brand goals and target groups. After all, show stairs do not fit every brand message - unfortunately. But sometimes the workshop, the exhibition, the festival or the interaction is the show and the way to achieve the goal. Whether classic, online or hybrid!

Creation must touch. Inspire and change - that requires good ideas for this. And good ideas need a feeling for the brands and people, but also discipline. Here at einfall GmbH we design, write, live and stage ideas ... always in detail, ambitiously, purposefully and boldly.

Every good idea remains just a good idea if it is not implemented excellently. To bring concepts and ideas to life as much as possible, we at einfall GmbH work with a wide variety of partners, choreographers, artists, music and media production companies – for great national and international moments.

Creativity with structure and clear focus. If you want to get to the heart of the matter in a short time, you need a clear picture, an intuitive feel, a team spirit, attention to detail – and humour. Karin Ohrem has all of this in just as much as abundance as her red hair.




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